About Us

In Summer of 2019 we decided to tackle a problem we've had for some time - replacing our boring black and white socks with something a little bit more colorful and personalised. So we did just that, and so the best gift was created - personalised socks! You pick the design, the face and the size - we'll do everything else!

Autumn of 2019 was when we finally figured out how to do it - and how to do it ourselves. twodogs.ch was born! 

We were located in Basel in the beginning, but moved to Reinach AG later in 2020, which is where twodogs.ch is located right now. Don't worry - shipping times haven't and won't change - we still ship our orders the next day :) 

But as we all know this was hardly the right time to start a new business - 2020 has been more than difficult for most, if not all of us. But here we have to say thank you to all our customers - without you we wouldn't have been able to keep twodogs.ch going.  

So really, thank you.

- Team of twodogs.ch